Earn while listening to music, Tradable music NFT assets.

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What we can do on this platform?

Fund your favorite artists

Earn while listening

Trade NFTs

Invest in our utility token

Establish digital trust for artists

Problem of yesterday :

The issue we face as musicians are the agencies and record labels that stands between the fans and the artists. Though we understand their contribution through music creation, production and marketing for the artists, they cannot truly perform at their peak performance values without the concern of these intercessors that come between them via fundamental freedom.

Problem of today :

Too many music related blockchain projects are still using a producer-centric methods of distributing musical products, which causes fans to over pay without an equal return. +

Most NFTs today are without utility, have no real use case, and possess no real value.

Here’s our solution to the decentralized the label-centric music industry:

We are a NFT driven platform for music. In other words, everything produced by Musifi NFT’s ecosystem is created from an artist and fan perspective. We will utilize the following types of NFTs: utility NFTs, collectible NFTs, and copyright NFTs.

Utility NFTs

These are the coupons to buy tickets to a virtual concert, a backstage pass, one on one time with the artist, A personal song made for the fan(s), customized dance sequences . .etc etc. These are representation of the utility on our platform and are the functionality will be unlocked with NFTs. Some of these can be purchased from a NFT market place and some of them can be won through raffling the magic boombox player.

Collectible NFTs

These are the artists’ made NFTs. These can be any of the following 2D/3D/video/music made by the artists to represent the artist’s creative expression. These are have the exact same properties of other NFT marketplaces. However, by leaving it on our platform, we reward users through a variety of royalty programs.

Copyright NFTs

In the traditional system the majority of copyrights are reserved for record labels. Now copyrights can be owned by any fan and a larger percent can be saved for artists. In the near future, all the copyrights will be put on the blockchain. An investor can start earning passive income through revenue shared by the artist. A percentage of streaming revenue and online concert revenue will be issued to the fan holding the copyrighted NFT.

Popular Solutions

There are so many NFTs and do I need to purchase them?

Stake a qualified amount of $AVA  tokens to unlock the magic boombox. This will give you a random chance to raffle a very cool NFT.

What is the NFT-nomics of our model ?

It is quite simply collecting the highest aggregate value of NFTs (utility + collectibles + copyrights) as well as our platform token($AVA)  will represent your score to either queue for the next exclusive rare NFT or you can convert this to chances of raffling in the magic boombox.

I am from a low income country and I still wanna earn free NFTs but I don’t have $AVA tokens, what should I do?

We are starting our new decentralized NFT music streaming player.  By listening to our free audio player, we will give you $AVA.  With the proper amount of time spent listening to music on our platform, one can raffle the magic boombox for free NFTs.