What is AVA ?

AVA decentralizes the finance eco-system for music creators and music lovers. It is a premier platform that uses artists’ cash-flow worthy assets as collateral to finance their own personal or business needs, allowing all parties to profit, and eliminates potential vulnerabilities on the creatives’ end, thus avoiding exploitation.

AVA music streaming operates by subscription through the $AVA wallet, allowing consumers to pay by a fixed monthly fee. The funds in the wallet have a potential to increase in value as the AVA’s value rises, earning the subscriber money in the over time. AVA Music NFTs offers a new form of NFT that allows buyers and creators a share of the art piece’s royalties and usage earnings. AVA DeFi loans offer creators a form of decentralized funding for developing their personal brand and art by using their past art content and music as collateral.

Featured Episode

AVA – Metaverse

Official music video by AVA performing “Metaverse.” Now available on all streaming platforms.